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Martial arts tend to be, again, your strains and sprains, people overstretching, over-kicking. But you also do occasionally get the fractures, but you tend to find that people who partake in martial arts and that type of sport, like boxing, are well-protected. They actually use the right equipment. They are trained to take those sort of impacts. But you still get... Probably the most common with that sort of stuff is overstretching, strains and sprains. However, we are always putting the heart rate up as well, so you will get the odd cardiac arrest from an irregular heart rhythm or potentially even an impact to the chest that has had an impact on the heart's rhythm itself. So you can get chest pains from overexertion, cardiac arrests. But it does tend to be more of the sprains, strains, and occasional fractures and dislocations where, quite commonly, people get kicked in the knee and the knee dislocates, so we tend to get dislocated fingers and dislocated kneecaps and patellas from the impact of the kicks or the throws. But generally, the flooring and everything else is prepared properly. So again, it tends to not be as bad as people think.