Post Incident Reporting

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We have covered a lot about first aid, but there's another part of it which is quite important. This is accident reporting. Now, depending on where you're actually practising your martial art and whether you're a participant or an instructor, there will be different rules. If you're working within a gym or any area within martial arts, there's going to be some kind of risk assessments and also some emergency plans, and there will also be an accident book. If something happens, any accident, or illness, or even near miss, should be recorded. 

So if you're an instructor, you need to make sure that you're aware of the policies and the accident book, where it is. You need to make sure the accident book has been filled in. You also need to have a look at these accident report records routinely to see is there any way these sorts of accidents can be avoided? It may be someone's fallen, well, it's then they've fallen over in a certain situation. Well, how can this accident be avoided later on? By looking at prevention and looking back on accidents, hopefully, we can prevent the same thing happening later.

It may be you've been involved in an accident or you've become unwell. Someone may be asking you some questions, filling in a form. This would be the accident report sheet. You can have copies of it, there might be more than one, it might be you filling the accident report sheet, it might be the instructor does, or the centre owner does. It doesn't matter who does it, and there will be different rules across the board or wherever you are actually going to be working. So, accident reporting is a vital part of the whole of this first aid site. We need to make sure it's recorded correctly, this is to do with prevention, but also if you are working in some situations, then there may be a legal requirement to record all accidents.